VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

Dost Thou Remember

Dost thou remember, dearest heart,
Before our lives were torn apart
How oft we met beneath the pines
Through which the silver moonlight shines?

Dost thou remember, fairest one,
Our midnight joy rides and fun?
When oft we took paths obscure
And found delight in each detour?

Does memory fail you, oh, my love,
How from New River's heights above
We lingered long midst leaf and fern,
While friends awaited our return?

Will time erase the tragic scene
When love and passion swayed my Queen?
Where lash-horns met across the trail.

When storms had passed and fogs dispelled,
Some wondrous scenes our eyes beheld;
Again we view the flock with pride,
Each lamb is safe at mother's side.

But time has turned another page
And storms still in your bosom rage;
One question I would ask tonight:
Will love or passion win the fight?

-Walter C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia
VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

Coal Miner's Helmet & Lantern 1940

Much of my family on my Father's side are from Pax/Long Branch WVa. I remember several mystical journeys in my childhood to visit the family house with the Kelly men, the abandoned mine that my Grandfather worked in, (and his Father worked as well) the family grave yard hidden up the Hollow with beautiful old headstones and stories my Dad told of Big Rock. The old player piano in the house was still miraculously in tune. The quiet calm of my Uncle V. Byron Kelly, who was a pilot in Korea and Viet Nam and learning to play chess for the first time with my smart Cousin Glenn. There was even a secret family handshake imparted- we were sworn to secrecy about sharing it with any ladies in our family, but I later learned they all knew it too.

-T. Byron K.

Coal Miner's Helmet & Lantern 1940
of Vernon Byron Kelly
photo by T. Byron Kelly
VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

The Ancient World

The Ancient World

Mesopotamia, with two rushing rivers, refreshing the land as they flow by

And towering ziggurats that rose into the light sapphire sky.


Egypt, with god-like pharaohs upholding justice and mercy,

And historic pyramids, lavish tombs for long departed kings.


Israel, with God’s divine law given to Moses upon Sinai Mountain,

And the sacred temple furnished with gold and royal purple curtains.


Babylon, with the guarded Ishtar Gate and its ornate tiles of blue,

And the majestic Hanging Gardens, where there may have been a Giant Timber Bamboo.


Greece, with mythological gods, who lived on Mount Olympus,

And herculean athletes, who hurled the spear and discus.


Rome, with powerful emperors, often cruel and corrupt,

And organized armies, infrequently walloped.


The Ancient World,

Spiritual, fascinating, and treasured.

Alaina Malise K.
2012 (age 10)         

VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva


secrets of the spirit
sing in the wind,

listen very closely ...

your heart will mend.

Amy K.
May 2007
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

I'll Never Forget You Dear

I think of you in the sunshine,
I dream night and day of you.
When all the world is silent,
And the stars shine out in the blue.

And wheather the hours are golden
Or weather the day be drear,
It seems you're beside me always-
I never forget you dear!

I see your eyes in the stars, love.
I hear your voice in the sea,
The spell of your tender presence
Goes over the world with me.

And distance cannot divide us,
Though far away, or near,
In my heart of hearts you dwell, love,
I never forget you dear!

The stars may forget their places,
The day may forget to break:
The flight of the hours may alter,
The rose may forget to wake.

But love that is true is forever,
Not a day, nor a month, nor a year;
To the end of the world I love you,
I never forget you dear!

-W.C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia
VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

We Are Builders

(y)our words
hold a mighty power
to build up
and to tear down

of the spirit
gives the strength
to control the impulse
to destroy

so the gifts
of words
and wit
and wisdom
and where-with-all

aren't used

in a harmful way.

we can give

with our words


(thank you God.)

Amy K.
February 2008
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva


Let Poet's rave about first love,
The maiden's blush exalt above
All else that mortal lips and eyes
Can feast upon beneath the skies;
But give to me that love secure
That speaks through eyes and lips mature;
With days of youthful romance past
And hearts have found true love at last.

Let men of all the ages sing
Of thrills the first sweet kiss can bring:
How maidens young shy and sweet
Have swept young men from off their feet;
But let me have that lingering kiss
Which carries rapture, joy and bliss
To every fibre of the heart,
From her who truly knows the art.

What matter now the other arms
Enfolded her-enjoyed her charms?
What matter now the other's lips
Once met hers and sweet nectar sips?
To have her turn from all the rest
And say "Sweetheart, I love you best"
Is joy and bliss beyond compare,-
-sweet dream of lovers everywhere-

So Hello World! I wish to tell
How hopelessly for her I fell,
Through love's magnetic power I stand
A willing slave at her command;
This wonderous creature sways my life,
Tho now she is anothers wife:
Will fond affection sound the knell
Which sends an erring one to H---?

Gladly have kings renounced the throne
For love's sweet sake and that alone;
Vast fortunes some refused to claim
That one they love might bear their name.
Darling, I've no earthly crown,
No princely fortune to lay down;
Greater by far my sacrifice
In forfeiting eternal life.

When birds shall cease to seek their nest,
When babes shall scorn their mother's breast
When twinkling stars and blazing sun
Shall fade from yon bright lexicon;
When far beyond the Milky Way
Angelic hosts no longer stay--
When endless ages shall decline
I still shall love you, sweetheart mine.

-Walter C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia
VA. near Mine 44, Wakenva

the freedom flower

we are one and many
it was never an either/or
acceptance of the one
(the self
and the other)
allows the many
to live in harmony.
we surrender
to the idea
that i am what i am
and you are what you are
and we are all brought together
inside the
big heart
of humanity
glowing bright
with divinity
like the center
of a glorious flower
with billions
and billions
and billions
of petals

-Amy K.
May 2006
Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia