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Wakenva, VA. near Mine 44


Va. West Va.@ LiveJournal

Appalachia, United States

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Wakenva, VA. near Mine 44
Let Poet's rave about first love,
The maiden's blush exalt above
All else that mortal lips and eyes
Can feast upon beneath the skies;
But give to me that love secure
That speaks through eyes and lips mature;
With days of youthful romance past
And hearts have found true love at last.

Let men of all the ages sing
Of thrills the first sweet kiss can bring:
How maidens young shy and sweet
Have swept young men from off their feet;
But let me have that lingering kiss
Which carries rapture, joy and bliss
To every fibre of the heart,
From her who truly knows the art.

What matter now the other arms
Enfolded her-enjoyed her charms?
What matter now the other's lips
Once met hers and sweet nectar sips?
To have her turn from all the rest
And say "Sweetheart, I love you best"
Is joy and bliss beyond compare,-
-sweet dream of lovers everywhere-

So Hello World! I wish to tell
How hopelessly for her I fell,
Through love's magnetic power I stand
A willing slave at her command;
This wonderous creature sways my life,
Tho now she is anothers wife:
Will fond affection sound the knell
Which sends an erring one to H---?

Gladly have kings renounced the throne
For love's sweet sake and that alone;
Vast fortunes some refused to claim
That one they love might bear their name.
Darling, I've no earthly crown,
No princely fortune to lay down;
Greater by far my sacrifice
In forfeiting eternal life.

When birds shall cease to seek their nest,
When babes shall scorn their mother's breast
When twinkling stars and blazing sun
Shall fade from yon bright lexicon;
When far beyond the Milky Way
Angelic hosts no longer stay--
When endless ages shall decline
I still shall love you, sweetheart mine.

-Walter C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia