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Wakenva, VA. near Mine 44


Va. West Va.@ LiveJournal

Appalachia, United States

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The Ancient World
Wakenva, VA. near Mine 44

The Ancient World

Mesopotamia, with two rushing rivers, refreshing the land as they flow by

And towering ziggurats that rose into the light sapphire sky.


Egypt, with god-like pharaohs upholding justice and mercy,

And historic pyramids, lavish tombs for long departed kings.


Israel, with God’s divine law given to Moses upon Sinai Mountain,

And the sacred temple furnished with gold and royal purple curtains.


Babylon, with the guarded Ishtar Gate and its ornate tiles of blue,

And the majestic Hanging Gardens, where there may have been a Giant Timber Bamboo.


Greece, with mythological gods, who lived on Mount Olympus,

And herculean athletes, who hurled the spear and discus.


Rome, with powerful emperors, often cruel and corrupt,

And organized armies, infrequently walloped.


The Ancient World,

Spiritual, fascinating, and treasured.

Alaina Malise K.
2012 (age 10)