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Walter Chiles Harris was born in Eastern Kentucky December 24th 1876 and was an Itinerant Pastor for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Pastor Harris served the Appalachian communities of Southern West Virginia and Eastern Tennessee during a period of wilderness expansion; he was also an accomplished Poet and speaker. Pastor Harris passed away on April 23rd 1936 in Montgomery Country, Virginia and was survived by five children.

Maude Rose Kelly was a Roanoke Valley resident since 1953. Prior to settling in the Roanoke Valley (Virginia), Maude Rose lived in Florida, West Virginia and Kentucky, where she was born to Margie Cassidy and the Reverend Walter Chiles Harris in 1912. For more than 20 years, Maude Rose and her loving husband, Vernon Byron Kelly, were small business owners in West Salem, Virginia. Maude Rose passed away November 2, 2008.

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